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AMAZING TASTE AND TEXTUREThis organic Monk Fruit extract (MOGROSIDE V 50%) and Allulose fine granulated sweetener blend offers an amazing taste. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that it has the same texture and volume as sugar. Simply replace sugar with this sweetener in all your foods, in the same way you use sugar.


CUSTOMIZE YOUR SWEETENER AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE The Monk Fruit plant-based sweetener series offers a variety of sweetness levels, textures, and volumes to suit your personal preferences! Our range of 1X to 20X sweetness levels are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and wallet!


HEALTHY CHOICES Upgrade your sweet experience with a flavorful, plant-based sweetener that's all-natural, Keto-friendly with 0 net carbs. Free of GMOs, additives, artificial flavors, soy, and gluten, this sweetener blend is vegan, tooth-friendly, and has zero sugar. Enjoy the delicious taste without the worry of negative side effects.


INDULGE GUILT FREE G-Sweetz Monk Fruit blend series is above and beyond traditional sugar and artificial sweeteners. Whether you're baking or sweetening your favorite beverage, enjoy the refreshing flavor without the guilt. Experience the "better and sweeter" taste your way.


US QUALITY Our products are proudly made in the USA in FDA registered facilities and comply with the regulations and licensing requirements of the New Jersey Department of Health and Earth Kosher. For any product inquiries, our US-based live support team is available to assist you.


  • Packaging Size Total Servings Equal to Sugar (Tsp)
    RSS 1 X 1-LB 114 114
    RSS 1 X 5-LB 567 567
    RSS 2 X 1-LB 227 227
    RSS 2 X 5-LB 1134 1135
    RSS 4 X 1-LB 454 454
    RSS 4 X 5-LB 2268 2270
    RSS 10 X 1-LB 1135 1135
    RSS 20 X 1-LB 2270 2270


  • Sweetener RSS G-Sweetz Equal to Sugar (Tsp)
    RSS 1X 1 TSP 1 TSP
    RSS 2X 1 TSP 2 TSPS
    RSS 4X 1 TSP 4 TSPS
    RSS 10X 1 TSP 10 TSPS
    RSS 20X 1 TSP 20 TSPS


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