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Chocolate Truffles


(An Employee-Owned Business in New Jersey)

A New Brand of Natural Sweeteners

  • Best Price

  • Best Taste

  • Many Choices

Compliance & Certificates

Licensed Operations


The New Jersey Department of Health



Third Party



G-Sweetz is an innovative company that concentrates on quality natural sweeteners and nutritional products that could improve everyone's quality life. G-Sweetz is an employee-owned company and incorporated in Edison, New Jersey.

We have a commitment aimed at addressing the obesity epidemic which has hit on a global basis by offering people the highest quality sweeteners, which are nutritious and totally natural through the G-Sweetz and OEM brand business.  

This is the company where the best dietary products are developed so as to fight ailments such as diabetes and arthritis which affect a sizable part of the world’s population. This is a company which offers a very practical approach as well as alternative and natural solutions that are mostly needed in the healthy lifestyles that are totally advisable in this time we are living in.

Our greatest strength is innovations and they are the main business drivers in our venture to provide healthier products for all. As a company, strong partnerships have been established by manufacturers and researchers so as to facilitate innovative products as well as manufacturing procedures so as to give consumers affordable and highest quality products.

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